Roofing Tile Loading & Hauling

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Our Tile Loading Equipment

VET Construction offers portable continuous belt ladders and lift conveyors for any of your roofing projects. Our trained professionals operate our haulers with safety and precision and are fully licensed and insured. Our loading and hauling system saves time and money, which is why our clients continue to choose us for their roofing needs.  

Roofing Tile Loading and Hauling VET Construction

32 Foot Continuous and Reversible Belt Motor Ladder

The lightweight aluminum structure of this belt ladder allows us to transport it easily to any construction site. It sets up in less than five minutes and is perfect for roofing projects on lawned property or in tight areas.

Roofing Tile Loading and Hauling VET Construction

42 Foot Portable Belt Lift Conveyor

Our continuous conveyor lifts up to 200 pounds and is great for loading shingles, plywood, and much more. The adjustable roof stand allows our teams to load materials quickly to all sides of the project.

Benefits of a Portable Conveyor


Our loading systems prevent the risk of falling materials and damage to your structures and property.
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Our equipment helps us get the job done quickly so that you can get back to business as soon as possible.
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These conveyors allow us to reach tight spaces that other contractors typically struggle with.
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